Our core service is match-making. We align the needs of employers with jobs and the needs of intending, current and or graduate tertiary students looking for work. We don't let commercial objectives get in the way of ensuring employers and students with shared interests, can find and engage with one another effectively and efficiently. Globus Recruitment does this better than anyone else! Globus Recruitment has a backbone and a heart. If we say we'll do something, we'll do it. We take challenges head-on and learn from our mistakes. We work hard to ensure our stakeholders are not surprised by our actions and to ensure they can make informed decisions. We are here to support Students to find employment first and make no apologies for that.

We know where we're at, where we're going and what role each of us has to play in getting there. We are smart, a little edgy, and inventive. We are always looking for ways to further leverage our resources. We work hard - taking care of our stakeholders' needs, and play hard - we have fun doing what we do and value our out-of-work lives. We exist because we constantly focus on delivering value to our stakeholders. We believe that enabling Students to acquire the income, skills and experience they need to secure the employment they want will inevitably add value to New Zealand and all those that live here. That's why we exist.