Safety first is our motto! We understand your world better than anyone else and that's why we respect your safety concerns entering a new country especially for work.

Safety induction for all job seekers, pre-employment medicals, and all other precautions as required by recruiters are taken care of. Our safety policies go beyond the basics and we apply exclusive tools and expertise to identify competencies and motivations to match job seekers with the right match. Australia is a safe place to be and Globus is the right recruitment company to choose. We ensure a great career path along with the job guarantee provided you have good communication skills and the valid visa.

Our team visits the prospective employers and maintains communication with employers with regards to safety measures and assessments. We also make sure that screening of prospective employees for their visa and qualifications is done and we send the best match to the job. Globus promises regular reviews of safety systems, policies and procedures to ensure the best to potential candidates.