We believe that job seekers could be of different types with different outlook, need, skill set and employability. Globus promises to provide jobs to all types of job seekers. While you are assured of a job on getting a work permit there will be a service fee for providing this opportunity. However, we assure that whatever you invest on this employment opportunity, your return on Investment is roughly one month.

Seekers usually are students who come with an aspiration to strike it big in Australia. Depending on their aptitude we suggest certain specific area that may suit their skill set and interest.  While we take every care to find a hob of seekers’’ interest, it is imperative for the student to choose from the areas we suggest from.

We also go that extra mile and recommend areas that might suit a particular job seeker if he is unable to fit into some of the regular streams we offer.

There are those of you who come to Australia for a vacation and might look at a quick option of work opportunity. Globus makes this possible for you to work on a short stint and gain the Australian experience.