What are the different Visas that qualifies me to work? 

You need to have valid visa for Australia or New Zealand, allowing you to work part time or full time.

Do I get a job as soon as I register? 

All registration must go through the process before job placements can be determined, some applicants are placed within couple of days after registration depending on the nature of the job prefference.

How long after I register do I get a response? 

All registrations are forwarded to the Administrative Departments where they are assessed and processed, the normal assessments for registered candidate are 24-48 hours.

How much is it to register ? 

The registration  is free of charge to Jobseekers. For placing the job seekers in a job and providing other services we charge a one time fee. For fees and charges please consult your local agent.

When should I register ? 

We request that you submit your application as soon as posible. Employers who have registered with  us to utilize our services to recruit employees have specific deadlines to meet. The faster you submit your registration form the better your chance of fitting in that position available.

Will I be able to cover my cost of living in Australia on what I'll be making?  

The cost of living in Australia is reasonable! If you manage your money well, you can make savings! The cost of living varies between locations and depends on individual circumstances, however we cannot promise.

Where in Australia does Globus arrange jobs for applicants? 

Globus arranges jobs Australia wide and in New Zealand. Locations include A.C.T., Adelaide, Brisbane, Capricornia, Melbourne, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Perth, Queensland, South Australia, Sydney, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

What type of employers does Globus arrange hospitality jobs with?  

Globus works with hundreds of Australian employers! Employers range from Sales and Marketing, to Retail, Hospitality and Restaurents and more