We may be a recruitment company providing promising careers for job seekers but we gratify the employers’ requirements too. Our capabilities extend to managing and sourcing skilled employees in areas you operate. Globus’ expertise stretches and not limited to sourcing employees in all disciplines like technical, administrative, sales, industrial covering a range of industries like retail, communications, information technology, restaurants, call centers, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and more.

Globus offers a wide range of workforce solutions including contract, temporary or direct hire that are not just cost effective but save you from the stress of locating and hiring the right match. After associating with us, you will agree of saving both money and time for a thorough professional team work.

Having a global presence with a huge pool of screened and interviewed job seekers who can readily fulfill their work responsibility, Globus is one of the very few companies that can boast of a success with both employers and employees.